Work out while you’re at work!Ok so maybe the image above is a little more literal than I mean…!

I read an article online a few weeks ago that mentioned some workouts that you could do at work. For the most part they were all crazy workouts that one could do at a desk – if you had a private office, gym clothes, and lots of time! I thought to myself, no one would do any of these workouts sitting at their desk in an open cubicle setting! But then I got to thinking about the idea of working out at work and I had a brainstorm… What about working out in the bathroom?

Now, before you start doing push-ups on the bathroom floor of your office let me do some more explaining!

In my office/store/showroom we have several bathrooms. Most of them are large, have several stalls, and are meant to be used by more than one person at a time. Since we are a fairly small company and there are lots of bathrooms, the ladies tend to lock the bathroom door when occupied. So now you have a very large, private space perfect for a quick work out! 

Don’t worry, I’m not doing floor push-ups, that would be totally gross…..! I can do 4 lunges to the last stall and 4 lunges from there to the sink. After I wash my hands I either do 10 jumping jacks OR 10 wall push-ups. Simple and quick!

I created a little chart to keep at my desk in my planner to track my work outs. It is really simple and I just make a quick check mark when I complete a work out! In addition to tracking my workouts I added a column to track my cups of water. The more water I drink the more working out I do… in theory! So far I’m averaging about 15 work outs per week. Now, I wouldn’t say I have a goal for these – sometimes I just don’t have time or I’m not in the office. I do like getting my heart rate up throughout the day and I can feel the lunges getting easier the more I do them.

What do you think about working out while you’re at work?

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