What is the dumbest thing you have laughed at so hard you have cried? This shirt is in my top 10 for sure.

The other day at work one of the guys was telling me a story about seeing something so funny that he was crying. It was something dumb that only he found funny. While he is telling me the story I think of this shirt…. I couldn’t remember the name of the movie or the name of the actor. So I’m standing there telling a story about a shirt that some lady was wearing in some movie… very helpful… I couldn’t stop laughing though telling him about this – I literally had tears in my eyes.

So I went to google and searched a movie I knew she was in to get her name and then searched the movies she has done. Found it! Last year when this movie came out we rented it and a few of us watched it together at our house. Probably halfway through the movie I noticed the shirt. I had to stop the movie because I couldn’t see anymore from crying from laughing so hard. NO ONE else watching thought this was funny. There were like 5 of us and NONE of them found this the least bit entertaining. This is the best part of the whole movie. I’m almost crying now just thinking about it again. Who wears a shirt with some Muppet on it while they are acting all crazy?

If you don’t think this shirt is funny there is something wrong with you.

The other trap I get into are those auto correct texting fails. Clearly at this point some of them are fake – but you can always tell the ones that aren’t. The other night I was home alone and got into reading these (damn Pinterest humor section…) I laughed so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear me. Probably the best ones are people texting their moms and something gets “said” that is 100% not something you ever want to say to your mother.

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