I honestly hate shopping for clothes. Correction – I honestly hate shopping for clothes when everything I try on looks terrible which seems to happen 99.9% of the time. Does everyone else have this issue?

Jeans never fit right – too short, the waist is too high, the waist is too low, too big at the waist, too tight that they feel like you will never peel them off. When I do find a pair it is a roll of the dice when washing them – will they still fit afterward? For years I didn’t throw ANY pants in the dryer – EVER. This is annoying because half the time they aren’t dry when you need to wear them OR they are so stiff and have to go in the dryer to loosen up. Now I throw them in the dryer. I try to buy pants that seem like they will shrink and fit me. Again, guessing game…. Last week I think I tried on 10 pairs of jeans before finding 1 pair I could actually work with and purchase. I washed them and they still fit – they did shrink in length but they will still work.

Don’t get me started on shirts – there are always problems in this department. I have a long torso and long arms and basically no bust… Shirts always come up short on length and arm length and have too much extra in the bust area. I again play the gamble of throwing them in the dryer – will they still be long enough when they come out on the other side?

In a perfect world I would have tons of money to just purchase clothes made for me. Right size, right cut, right style. Sounds wonderful! I’m afraid to try programs like Stitch Fix because what if nothing fits at all? Then I have to send it all back and cross my fingers again. Seems a little too┬árisky for me. It doesn’t help that since I live in the middle of nowhere there is no where to shop. I honestly hate shopping at big chain stores but the areas within reasonable driving distance only offer these types of stores. I’m not an online shopper because I have to try things on. I don’t want the hassle of returning items when they don’t fit.

What is a girl to do??

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