Thanksgiving turned out pretty good this year! The only food that turned out less than expected was the veggies – they needed more oven time but they got what they got!

I set the table the night before and I think it looked pretty nice

Thanksgiving place settingimageimage

Space was tight on the table but we all fit. Brad was very helpful on Thanksgiving morning before everyone showed up…

Brad sleeping on Thanksgiving

I got the turkey all stuffed and in the oven around 9am. He did help me hold the bag open so I could get it in there. I was worried that it wasn’t going to be thawed out but it turned out just fine!

stuffed turkey

Everything went pretty smoothly. Brad’s parents showed up right before my mom. Brad’s brother showed up just in time to eat. They all brought desserts that we had to store outside because there was no fridge space left! We sat down to eat just a few minutes after 1pm.

Table ready for Thanksgiving

Time to dig in!

After lunch the mom’s helped with dishes and the guys took naps… again….

Thanksgiving naps

What else would you expect?

We looked through black Friday ads, talked about whatever, and sipped our Caramel Apple Sangria. I would make that again – it was so good! Later we headed over to a friend’s house to play some games.

All in all it was a great day with family. No disasters and everything was edible. That is a win in my book!

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