I was reminded several times this week that – yes – there are idiots out there. Not that I can say I have forgotten but I was severely reminded this week.

Incident #1
Car stuck in mud

mud tracks

Friday morning I am getting ready for work (ok rushing to get ready for work) and I hear a bike revving outside. The bus has already gone past so why is there someone out there and why are they doing that? So finally I go to the front door and I see this… guy stuck up to the frame of the truck in the mud – trying to back out!!

Now, I am no expert, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to just back out of this one. There are other people in another truck stopped with him so I’m assuming they have it under control (and by that I mean that one of them was smart enough to call a tow truck). I continue to get ready and head out to work. I tried not to make eye contact with the guy as I drove away because I felt bad about not offering help – but what was I going to do?? I can’t yank him out so I better not get involved (and be late for work!). I came home that night to the truck being gone (good!) but those huge tracks in the field! The guy was going STRAIGHT – how did he end up over there??? IDIOT!

Incident #2

I decided to stop for some stuff at Target yesterday and had to drive around this guy in the parking lot because of his park job.

dumb driverI wish I would have stood back a little further to get a better idea of just how much of his car was NOT in the parking stop. His front door was in line with the van parked next to him. Literally blocking the entire lane of traffic coming down the isle. Seriously dude??

Incident #3

I also ran into Christmas Tree Shoppes to see if I could find some cheap cute decorations. I should have known better but I didn’t…. There were about 105,065 people in the store – and they all had to have a cart. Now, this is a pretty tight store to begin with. I felt like the employees should have been directing traffic. Needless to say I found one cute moose guy and headed out of there. Don’t get a cart when you are going into a small tight store that you KNOW will be packed! Most people only had 1 or 2 items in their cart anyway…. come on people!

I’m sure there are plenty of other idiots out there I just didn’t happen to run into them this weekend. This is one big reason why I always get my Christmas shopping done early. Who wants to deal with all that when you are trying to buy gifts? Not me! I’m not a huge fan of online shopping so I try to be done around Thanksgiving so I don’t have to deal with as many idiots!

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