I have recently seen and experienced some odd things – more than usual!

This one scared the crap out of me. I don’t put my contacts in my eyes until after I get out of the shower, that way if I get soap in my eye or something it doesn’t kill me all day. Without my contacts in I cannot see very well more than a few inches from my face. Shapes and colors are all I can see. So I was in the shower when I think I see a dark spot at the shower drain. The drain is already silver/grey so I’m not really sure that I see anything. I turn my back to the water and continue showering. A minute or two later I feel something on my leg. I look down and all I can “see” is a big dark spot on my leg! I scream and kick my leg and whatever was there disappears. Now there is no black spot to be found. What was that, where did it go???? I race to get my hair washed and get out of there, totally freaked out. I get out of the shower and still see nothing! I put my glasses on and still see nothing! I start to push the shower curtain back and there it is….


A huge spider! I mean huge! Well over the size of a quarter! Totally gross. I felt like I had spiders crawling all over me all day. I guess it came up from the shower drain. It must have lived in there awhile to get so big. I was able to kill it without it eating me alive. Of course Brad saw nothing while he was in the shower…!


This guy was hanging in a tree the other week while we were out taking some photos. I spotted him in the tree but didn’t know what it was – so I yelled “hey stop there is a sloth or something in that tree” knowing sloths do not live in Pennsylvania but not having any idea what other animal sleeps in a tree like that! Apparently porcupines also sleep in trees! I was zoomed in pretty far on my camera – I was not interested in getting too close to this guy.

truck with no tag

This one is hard to see without zooming in. I was driving the other day and I see this truck with something flapping around on the back. I realized he didn’t have a licence plate on the truck and there was nothing in the window. Then I realized the black “thing” that was flopping around was probably supposed to be his licence plate. Seriously…. how is that a good idea?

park job

I came across this gem on the way to work the other day. To the left is the off ramp from the highway and straight continues on the road where I am driving. This smart driver basically parked their car right there in the corner. There was no one around except the guy from PennDOT who was looking at the car. Not sure where the driver thought he was….!


Over night a few weeks ago a driver went a little crazy in town and ran over this main pole in town. This pole holds up the stop lights, has major utility lines ran to it, and is right in the center of town. I would assume to get it back up and running as quickly as possible the guys working on the issue decided the would just rig up the damaged pole until they could transfer everything on it to the new pole. They raised it up with 2×8 lumber, used some straps and rope to attach it. This worked for a week or so until they could transfer everything to the intact pole!

I’m always keeping my eyes open for strange things! You never know what you are going to see!

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