I found this bowl at Salvation Army and paid a whole $9.00 for it.

Pyrex bowl balloon pattern

When I got home I decided to Google it since I never saw the pattern before and I was pretty surprised to see it listed for sale for $120 on Ebay! WHAT?? So I did a little more research…

This pattern was used as a Spring promotion in 1958. It actually belongs to a chip/dip set – so I’m missing two pieces. There is a smaller dip bowl and then a metal hanger that attaches to the large bowl to hold the small bowl. The listing I found on Ebay didn’t include those other pieces either – go figure. From what I found online there are very few sets still together. Most everything for sale was just the large bowl. I did find one or two that had the full set and the boxes. The price range of these bowls for sale went from $65 – $120. I think I got a deal at $9.00!

I think I will keep my eye out for now to find the other pieces. I used this bowl for Thanksgiving and I really liked the size of it.

pyrex bowl hot air balloon pattern

I never saw this pattern before and I thought it was interesting. My friend who I was shopping with was like… do you really need another bowl…? For $9.00 I sure do! She didn’t believe me when I sent her a screen shot of the Ebay listing at $120. pyrex bowl hot air balloon pattern

Along with the small bowl and the hanger I want to see if I can find any other pieces in this pattern!


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