PA Grand Canyon Trip 2017

We are back from our annual trip to Mill Run camp, located in the heart of the PA Grand Canyon. What a wonderful week we had! This year we went for a full week and we took my nieces along! That was an experience in itself….!

Camp Adventures

Many of our friends and family joined us throughout the week and it was great to be able to share the camp with all of them.

The girls enjoyed being “free range kids” and rode their bikes non-stop all week.

Only downside to the bike riding was the rain… We had showers overnight or early AM several times. Being in the woods makes it hard to dry out so they just rode through mud puddles the whole time! I am pretty sure there wasn’t a single piece of clothing to go home clean… That’s camp for you! We did hit the rails to trails a few times where it wasn’t muddy and the riding was great!

Camp isn’t camp without a camp fire! Brad’s step dad puts himself in charge of this department while update so we are never without a nice fire!

We put the camp fire to good use – making supper several times. Dinner over the fire always tastes good!

Before you can enjoy dinner on the fire you have to fan the fire to get great coals for cooking. This was my attempt at being in charge of that…. It didn’t go so well!

After dinner we were often greeted by our PA Black Bear friends! We had a mother and her cubs visit us several times during our stay, as well as other smaller animals!

Evenings also brought sparklers! Nana brought a bunch along and they were enjoyed each evening!

Kenzie wasn’t sure about them at first but after the second night she decided to give them a try. Clearly she decided she liked them!

Before Nana went home we visited the beach at Little Pine State Park. They have a nice beach area roped off for swimming. Several in our group kayaked around the lake for awhile! The kids gave it a try but gave up pretty quickly. They enjoyed being paddled around much better!

One of the perks to having a camp on Mill Run is access to the run of course! The water is extremely cold… it is fresh mountain water after all. Brad is enjoying tubing here while I help him get out!

The kids enjoyed tubing probably more than the adults – they don’t seem to mind the cold water as much….

….unless of course you fall in – as seen here! Sydney was fine, just cold and shocked! I don’t she did much tubing after that!

Kenzie was lucky to not fall in!

I was up to my shorts most of the time catching the tubers. Lets just say the water was cold, very cold! I never ended up tubing, I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in the water. It was JUST. TOO. COLD!

Some of my favorites sitting on the bridge!

Takeaway from the week

Camp is a great way to get away from reality and the feeling of having to be connected all the time. There is zero phone service at the camp so you are able to be totally disconnected. While sitting back enjoying the fire one evening I realized many of the most important people in my life were right there with us. I felt so grateful to have these wonderful people around. I also felt very grateful to introduce my nieces to the great outdoors. They had never spent time out in the woods, away from YouTube and their Ipods. It was wonderful to see them so happy riding their bikes, playing in the water, helping prepare meals, and making s’mores by the fire! They had a blast and are already wondering when we are going back.


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