Brad and I purchased our house in June of 2008 (just before the crash….!) This is our house (and us) the day we signed ALL the papers.

front of house

We looked at probably 20 houses before we purchased this one. We put offers on two houses prior to this which we are very thankful we didn’t end up getting. The first house we put and offer on would have been terrible looking back on it. It was up a narrow street, it was half a double, there was no parking and no yard. But in our eyes it was wonderful! The second house we out an offer on was beautiful on the outside which was what I fell in love with. The layout inside was terrible and it was also in town. Looking back on this one we would have hated everything about living there in a short period of time.

The house we purchased was for sale by owner. We tried calling several times and no one ever answered or called back. One night when we were out driving around looking for properties and we decided to stop and see what happened. I felt incredibly weird about doing this but it ended up working out. Since our first visit was unexpected the house was a mess. I had a very hard time seeing the actual house and not all the stuff they had out/laying around. Brad on the other hand actually saw the house and thought it would be good for us. He insisted on taking another look, this time planned. He set up another visit and the second time I could see more of what he saw. Nice big yard, nice big garage, not in town, not too big or too small, and in relatively good shape. Our house is a typically ranch house similar to many in the area. Small rooms, one bathroom, and small kitchen. Nothing too exciting.

These photos were taken the day we got the keys (after “celebrating” at McDonalds….gross!!!!!). Full view of housegarage

Obviously the outside needs painted, the bushes need to go, and it needs a little TLC.

Kitchen original

This is the kitchen. Now teal is my favorite color but this is not working. The lower half is teal and pink wall paper and the top half is semi-gloss teal paint (which continues down the basement steps). The original cabinets and countertops are still there along with the original vent. The fridge and range were updated… not very far though!

Dining room original

This is the dining room area. You can see they painted around several things they had hanging up on the walls. This happened a few times in the house. The blind is covering a garden window and I don’t think it had been cleaned in awhile.

Living room original

This is the living room and yes that is a sheet for a curtain. That was the first thing to go! There is a wall AC unit in there that I also think was original to the house. When  you turned it on literally the entire house shook! The floors were in pretty rough shape so they were one of the first things to get redone, thankfully!

Hall original

This is the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom. You can see these floors are in pretty bad shape as well. The back room at the end of the hall is now Brad’s reloading room.

Bath 3 original

This pink toilet was the FIRST thing that had to go. I refused to sit on that!!! The pink/teal theme continued into the bathroom with pink fixtures and blue 1″ tiles. Bath originalEverything was pink and ugly!
Bath 2 original

The vanity was a laminate top with a drop in sink. It was textured and very hard to tell if it was actually clean!

MB original

This is the master bedroom. You can see how dirty everything was by the photos. The other two bedrooms looked basically like this. Ugly carpet and ugly paint colors. This is the only bedroom we painted when first moving in, along with the dining room, hallway, kitchen, and living room.

We spent about a week getting the house ready to move into. There was a lot of yard work to do along with sanding and staining the floors, painting, and of course cleaning!

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