NYC family trip 2015

This year for Christmas Brad and I decided to take our moms to New York City for a day trip. We told them a few weeks ahead of the trip to make sure they could both come. So the Saturday after Thanksgiving we boarded a bus and headed to the city. The main reason for going was to visit the 9/11 memorial. That is where the picture above was taken. We spent about two and a half hours in the memorial. We could have easily spent the whole day there, but it was pretty overwhelming. Melted truck from 9/11 memorialThis truck was pretty hard to look at. To see how melted it was and to know that people were working there was hard. It was very sad and really hit home to see all the exhibits. The people who worked on this and put this together did a really good job telling individual stories and remembering people. I am glad I visited and I recommend it to anyone in the city.

We ate lunch and supper in the city – both in sports bars. The bar we ate lunch at was only about 2 blocks away from ground zero. Inside it was decorated with police and fire badges from all over the world. We ate here before visiting the memorial so it was cool that it set the tone. NYC Bar LunchBrad sampled a local micro brew which he said was pretty good. I had my standard Blue Moon. Mom tried to order a drink but they didn’t have anything that interested her. We actually ended up at the bar about 30 minutes before the kitchen opened so it was nice to sit and relax after trecking downtown from the drop off point at Bryant Park.

Speaking of the treck – it was the first time my mom road the subway!mom on the subwayIt took us a little while to purchase our tickets (looking back we should have purchased the unlimited ride ticket and been done with it but you live and learn) but soon we were off to find the right train.imageI found it amusing that while heading to the first train we passed a group of Mennonite Carolers singing Christmas songs. As far as we go from our hometown we still run into Mennonites! I was not expecting to see them there but it was nice to hear some Christmas music! We survived all three trips on the subway with only one small problem – mom getting her coat stuck in the door the first time.

We checked out the meat packing district on our way uptown. It was too cold/rainy to really see or do anything there. We did walk around Chelsea Market but it was just too crowded to enjoy anything. Mom and I did venture into a fresh food market looking for sodas (which they didn’t sell) and say white asparagus. Never saw that before!

We decided to eat supper at another sports bar a few blocks from Times Square. I didn’t take any pictures in there because it was pretty dark. Brad and Denise each got meals which they said were amazing. Mom and I decided to split an appetizer sampler in hopes of getting a dessert before getting back on the bus. No way did that happen – the sampler was huge! The moms both got Sangria which they loved and Brad tried another local beer. I stuck to water this time – someone needed to find the bus!

We walked through times square as we headed back to the bus. It always seems so much bigger on TV. We walked around the shops at Bryant Park until the bus showed up. Denise found a Christmas gift but otherwise we really didn’t buy anything. It was a great day and I think we all enjoyed the experience. It was nice to have our moms spend the day together since they don’t get much chance to do that. I’m glad we decided to do a trip for Christmas instead of buying gifts. It means a lot more and we will all remember it!

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