Ok I swear this is NOT a food blog! I really like to cook and of course eat! Last week I needed a quick meal for myself and a quick different meal for Brad whenever he got home. I had no idea how late he would be home from work so I needed to be able to make his whenever he got home. I decided to make “personal” pizzas. By personal I mean mine and his. We don’t really agree on pizza and usually end up ordering half one way and half another.

I stopped at the semi large grocery store on my way home from work and got everything I needed…. or so I thought. I got almost into town when I realized I forgot the most important part…. the pizza dough! Duh… So I made another stop are our small grocery store here in town and grabbed two pizza dough tubes.

I decided to make my favorite at home pizza – White pizza with ricotta cheese, potatoes, asparagus, and italian mixed cheese! There is prep work but not much. Peel and slice a potato and throw it into boiling water. Fry up the asparagus with some onion and garlic until they are almost done. image

imageRoll out the pizza dough and cover with all the cheese.


Once the potatoes are done fish them out and scatter them on the pizza. Careful they are hot!


Top with asparagus and onion and garlic. I like to cover everything with a little EVOO to finish it off! The asparagus usually wants to roll around so don’t drop anything trying to get it into the oven!


In about 20 minutes your pizza will be finished! Take out and enjoy!



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