Junkin’ Day Finds

Saturday my mom and I ventured out in search of good stuff in Duncannon PA. If you missed how to prep for a Junkin’ Trip you can read up on that here! The day started out with small snow squalls but they died down and it turned into a pretty nice day. 

Our first stop was to the Cove Barn

This photo is taken from their website. If you are looking for glassware this is the place to look first. The first floor contains glassware that is displayed by collection and would be very easy to find the piece you are looking for. They also had old toys, jewelry, and more. The second and third floors were spaces rented by vendors (for the most part). Up here we saw just about everything from antiques to yard sale items. We didn’t see much furniture here which was more of what I was looking for.

It was evident that the owners, along with being very organized and knowledgeable, also have a sense of humor!

Our next stop was to Old Sled Works.

This photo is from their Facebook page. I wish I had seen this photo before we ventured out on Saturday to know just how big this place would be! We had no idea what to expect and ended up there for hours! In fact we spent so long there we had to break for lunch after realizing just how big the building is!

I recommend starting to the right when you enter this building. That side has one section. Old Sled Works offers vendor’s a space to rent so you will find just about everything here. There were lots of furniture pieces to look at as well as many vendors with small items. The employees were very friendly and helpful. They are always around asking if they can take your items up front to the holding area. Mom and I each ended up with end tables so the holding area was very helpful!

When you head to the left side of the building don’t get overwhelmed. There are three full sections here, an upstairs area, extra small rooms, and an arcade! The arcade is full of hold arcade machines that are for sale but you can also play! The second section on this end of the building housed some new items and craft items. Overall most vendors were selling antiques.

After a long day of junkin’ we decided to stop at a winery – Buddy Boy Winery. We drove back a pretty long road into the middle of nowhere and we really weren’t sure what to expect. When we pulled in though, there were lots of cars in the parking lot. There was also this…

…. which of course made us laugh!

Buddy Boy Winery had a very nice tasting area where we were able to select 5 wines to try. All of them were really good! They were pretty full when we got there and when we left. If you decide to stop don’t be worried about the drive back – it is worth it!

Here are some of my finds from the day:

We recently rearranged our living room furniture so I was on the hunt for end tables and a coffee table. Finding two end tables was wonderful!

I found this folding table which is the perfect size for where I needed it. I didn’t know it folded up until I decided to purchase it. It is a beautiful color and the fact that it folds up was just an added bonus!

This metal stand caught my eye and I couldn’t pass it up. The style seems to be from the 60’s. I am interested to see if I can find anything out about it. This is the perfect cup holder for the other side of our large sofa.

I also found a few small items that I couldn’t pass up. The pine cone tray is the perfect place for Brad to keep his keys and wallet each night. The bottle opener is in the same green as the other vintage kitchen items I collect. It is more perfect because I just bent my current opener! Last, I could resist the brass buck for Brad. He didn’t shoot one this year so I thought I would get him one!

By far the best part of the day was spending time with my mom. She saw so many items she had as a kid and told me a lot of really great stories. We found a small table that matches an old card table that belonged to her mom. It was exciting to find because the card table is one of her favorite things. In a collection passed down from her mom there are a lot of old glass items in a display case and it was fun for her to see so many of them out on display throughout the day. It was truly a great day – both for junkin’ and spending time with my mom!

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  1. I guess that what we call junkin is different from what y’all call it. For my partner and myself junkin is finding treasures from what people throw out. I’d say our greatest couple of finds were a Gentlemans wardrobe and a early 1900’s typewriter. Both in mint condition. As well as many other things. The old saying that one mans junk is another’s treasure is so true. #Junkinismylife

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