I’m either not good at this whole blogging thing or I just really have nothing exciting going on in my life! I think it is the second one – there is just nothing going on right now. It is way too cold outside to even think about doing something outside so I come home from work and just hang out at home. I can’t seem to find the motivation to work on any projects either. I have been so busy at work that by the time I get home I’m just ready to relax and watch stupid TV. I hate doing that… but that seems to be what happens!

I do have some projects on my list that I do want to work on:

  • Updating our master bedroom – paint the walls, new curtains, hang something up on the empty wall.
  • Finish cleaning up my craft room – I’m about 85% there I think. I have some storage items that need to get hung up so I can get the rest put away. I also have some decorative stuff that needs hung up as well!
  • Deciding if I want to try to start a craft business – I already work every other weekend so to attend craft shows I would either seriously throw my work schedule off or be busy every weekend – which would probably get old. Also, I really don’t know what exactly I would make – there are lots of things I’m interested in but what if no one wants to buy it??
  • Wood burning – I have tried to get the hang of wood burning lately but I need to spend more time on it. This could relate to the item above – but again, what if people don’t like what I make??
  • Updating some furniture – there is a mirror and a small table in our bedroom that will need to get updated to match the new scheme. I recently did update the mirror but it won’t match with what we will probably do in there. I also wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out so I don’t have a problem redoing it.

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