As I sit at my desk today I am reminded by my bear mug that Brad will be away for a long weekend for bear season. Every year he treks off to the hunting camp in hopes of getting one. He is, unfortunately, the only guy in the group he hunts with who hasn’t gotten one yet. Every year he is put in the “best spot” in hopes that he sees one… but so far no luck. I don’t feel too bad for him though, he still has a great time each year being at the hunting camp. Between the food, the beer, and the stories it is worth it even if he doesn’t get anything.

Currently my living room is filled with things he needs for camp…. I’m not sure how it will all fit in the truck but I guess that isn’t something I need to worry about! I will happy to get my living room back once all that stuff heads to camp!

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house for our parents. We hosted the first year we lived in the house but haven’t done it since. I’m not too worried about the cooking, there are only 6 of us so it shouldn’t be too bad. I do need to clean up the house and get it looking good for company. I obviously can’t do that until the hunting mess is cleaned up!

The other thing on my agenda while Brad is away is to work on a craft project (or a few). With the house to myself and plenty of time on my hands I should be able to get some crafting done. I’m looking forward to working on some projects that I never seem to have time to get to. One of those projects would be cleaning up my craft room (I would say I’m at 75%) but that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! I will save that for another time and focus on the actual crafting!

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