Don’t you just love a planned junkin’ trip? I know I do! My mom and I are planning a day trip this weekend to a few places neither of us have been before. First a little about why mom and I are planning this trip. When I was a kid my parents would give my brother and myself each a “Special Day” with one of them. Each year we switched kid/parent combo so we each got time with both parents. On this day we could do just about anything (within reason of course!) Most years our trips included the roller skating rink, bowling, dinner, or a movie. Nothing too crazy! I think we did our annual special days until my brother and I were too cool to be seen with our parents. A few years ago for Christmas I reminded my mom of our special days and asked what she though of doing those for Christmas instead of giving each other gifts. I find the older I get the more I appreciate time spent together and the less I want things.

So the tradition is back! The first year we did a shopping/lunch/dinner day together. Last year Brad and I took both our moms to NYC for the day. Read about that trip here! This year we decided we wanted to do a junkin’ day. Since November and December were super busy we are finally getting our day in this weekend. To get ready for our trip I’m making a list of essentials for a Junkin’ day!

Put together a list of items you might be on the hunt for!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to walk into an antique shop and know what to look for. If you have a list of items you might want it can be easier to not get overwhelmed or distracted. Think of projects you may want to do, interesting things you have seen on pinterest, or furniture you might be in need of. On this trip I want to look for a new coffee table and an end table for our living room. We recently rearranged and our old pieces just don’t work! I will measure what size pieces I’m looking for so if I see something interesting I will know before I buy it if it will work! That leads to tip #2….

Bring a tape measure along!

Having measurements of what you need is only helpful if you can measure a find while you are out. Most shops will have a tape measure you can use but you may seem new to junkin’ and not get as good of a deal! 

Boxes/Bags for keeping items safe while you shop

So you just found a really great old vase but the shop owner only has a plastic shopping bag. You don’t want to worry that the vase will be in 5,000 pieces in the back of your car by the end of the day. Always bring something to store your finds in until you get home. I like to keep a cardboard box in the back of the car + some utility bags just in case. If you buy something large and need to move stuff around it is a lot easier to move one box than 10 small items!

Snacks and drinks

Always pack a snack and something to wash it down with. You can’t always stop for something and you don’t want to end up hangry during your trip! I keep a small cooler in the car with water because mom needs her water ice-cold! Quick snacks will hold you over until you come across somewhere good to get a real meal. It will also give you more money to spend junkin’ since you don’t have to stop and eat gas station food!

Anti-bacterial hand gel/Wipes/Lotion

Junkin’ is dirty – just the way it goes! Keep something in your bag to clean the dirt off your hands (or off the item). Keeping lotion along will help your hands not dry out until the day is over.

Alternate clothes

It never fails for me but whatever I start the day wearing is NOT what I end the day wearing. The worst is when you are out shopping and you get hot and have nothing to change into. Since it is going to be a nice 38° here on Saturday I plan to layer. It might get warm in the car or warm in a shop and I don’t want to dread what I’m wearing.

I hope this list is helpful to you on your next junkin’ trip. I hope to find lots of great stuff this weekend. If not that is ok – spending the day with my mom is really what it is all about!

“Junk” acquired this summer on another junkin’ trip!


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