Several years ago I brought home a drawer to a cabinet thinking I would someday do something with it. After a few years I made the drawer into a jewelry holder. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of the original jewelry holder that I created. I used eye hooks to string wire across the drawer and I started with three rows to hang earrings from. I made small knots across the wire in hopes of keeping the pieces apart from each other. After a few months I removed the bottom row because there just wasn’t enough space. I ended up sitting things on the bottom “shelf” of the drawer so everything ended up jumbled together. This set up worked for a few years but over time the wire stretched and everything ended up jammed together or falling off. Something had to change!

While browsing Etsy (for no real reason) I came across a jewelry rack that used thin wood strips instead of wire to hang earrings from.

Ding Ding Ding…. bells in my head are sounding! This would be perfect! I could use the drawer box as the frame and replace the wire with wood!

I started by measuring the outside of the drawer. We then cut strips of oak to the correct length to mount to the face of the drawer. We added notches spaced apart for the earrings to hook onto. I spaced the pairs 1/2″ apart and then each pair 3/4″ away from the next pair.

Cutting each “slice” took awhile but in the end turned out really nice. I sanded each “slice” so the earrings slide in and out nicely.

The next step was to stain the hangers. I used Minwax wood stain in “Special Walnut”. I also used this color on our bathroom vanity and shelves in our kitchen. I love this color! 

After the stain dried I used a Minwax spray Polyurethane to seal the wood. I like using the spray for a project like this because it is easier to control a thin layer. After poly dried it was time to mount my “sticks” to the existing jewelry rack. 

The rack was already hanging on the wall so we just drilled holes for the screws and then screwed the “sticks” on. 

Here is the whole jewelry rack. I kept the rod below for hanging necklaces. This works pretty well and keeps them organized! I’m very happy with how my new jewelry rack came out. I still have my shelves to sit bracelets, watches, and whatever else on. I like the two rows for earrings – although they are already full!


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