We had a bit of a bonfire at our house the other week. mattress on fire

We have a 3 bedroom house. One bedroom is our master and then the other 2 are our hobby rooms. We each get a room for all of our crap. Brad’s room is full of hunting and reloading stuff. My room is my craft room. We have always had a full sized bed in “my” room. In the almost 8 years of living in our house we have had 2 times where we have needed the spare bed for guest(s). I had been wanting to free up space in my craft room (it is the smallest bedroom) so that I could possibly actually use it. I decided the spare bed had to go. If someone needs to spend the night we have a sofa and a blow up air mattress… either of those should work!

So I hauled the mattress out and into the dining room. Hmm… now what?? How do you get rid of a mattress? I wasn’t aware of anyone who needed one. The mattress has been mine since probably elementary school so it was in pretty rough shape. It has moved MANY times, had 1,000 things spilled on it, and of course been slept on right in the middle for most of that time.

The mattress ended up living in our dining room for about a week before Brad decided to burn it. Our fire ring was basically big enough, its mostly made of burnable material, so why not? I wasn’t totally on board but I wanted it gone, so out it went!

mattress on fire

It burned pretty fast and made a lot of smoke. We also burned the box spring, which didn’t work out as well. I think that will need to get dismantled (when it isn’t 30 degrees outside) and thrown away.

mattress on fire

This is what is left of the mattress. I guess we will trash the metal at the scrap yard when spring rolls around. I want to try to see if I can take some of the springs apart for projects – but they might be too damaged from being on fire. If they are no big deal!

I was able to rearrange my craft room to give myself a lot more space. I’ll have some photos of that once I get it finished. It was pretty terrible before so getting this bed out of there made a huge difference!

As a side note, after the mattress was all nice and crispy Brad’s mom mentioned she could have used it… gotta speak up, too late now!

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