We (and by we I mean Brad) decided to rearrange our living room a few months ago. Since we needed to move our projector, which is mounted on the ceiling closer to the screen, it was time for a change. Due to the location of our ceiling fan the screen had to move to the wall where our love seat originally sat. This moved our large sofa to the wall previously housing the screen! I’m still getting used to the changes, I really haven’t decided if I like it yet or not!

We are in need to a narrower coffee table with the new arrangement. There isn’t much space to walk between the sofas. I haven’t hung anything back up on the walls since rearranging. I just can’t decide what to hang above the large sofa now. Previously we had a small wall gallery above our love seat and our large sofa was in front of a wide bay window. Now the love seat is under the window and the large sofa is on a blank wall.

In pondering what to hang I decided to use an image from camp last year to create some wall art! Brad belongs to a hunting camp and part of the deal is the camp is open to everyone in the summer. We like to rent the camp out for a week or a long weekend and invite all our friends along! The image above is located off the rails to trails path on the Pine Creek. We love spending time up at camp and in the Pine Creek Valley. There is so much to do and it is so peaceful!

This image reminds me of camp and just how wonderful it is! Please feel free to download a copy yourself!

All good things are wild and free

Thanks for visiting! You can read more about our time at camp last year here or check back in June when we visit again!

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