I am very glad that I wasn’t handed everything growing up or in my adult life. I have friends and coworkers who have no idea how to actually be an adult because their parents/families have just handed them everything. I look at them and wonder how it must feel to know you haven’t earned anything.

One place where I worked employed the owner’s son as a part of the management team. The son literally did nothing – all day – everyday. Everyone working there knew this. Walking past his office you could see him hard at work – playing Farmville on his computer – for hours. I had a hard time justifying working my butt off for a company who let him literally do nothing for a paycheck. In my option his father was doing him no favors. One day if he ever works somewhere else he will be in for a rude awakening. He hasn’t been living in the real world.

I’m not saying that I have enjoyed struggling to make ends meet but I am proud to say that what I have is based on my hard work and not someone handing me something. Some of my friends have bought houses with money from their parents or always have nice new things because their parents buy stuff for them. At what age do you become independent? If parents want to gift things to their kids or surprise them once in awhile there is nothing wrong with that. To be expecting your parents to always pay for things is another story.

I am glad I was taught to save money at a young age. I’m glad that I had to work to afford college or my car or my house. How could I call any of those things mine if someone else did if for me?

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