Well we have tried a few freezer meals and they were almost all really good! They have all lasted several meals as well! We have yet to try two of them – but I thinks they will be good. The best so far was a pork/mustard/cranberry recipe that surprised me. I’m not really a fan of mustard but it was so good I couldn’t get enough of it! We started with two bags of each recipe each and I’m looking forward to making that second bag.

I wasn’t thrilled with a peach/chicken recipe. The peaches don’t work well being in the crock pot all day. I think that recipe would do better only cooking for a few hours. I will try the second bag on a weekend when I’m home to turn it on later. Hopefully that helps because bag #1 wasn’t that great.

The most interesting meal is this one:image

Sweet potato chili

I really wasn’t sure how this would taste but I figured – it is healthy, we like sweet potatoes, and we like chili so I gave it a shot.  I browned some venison and threw it in the pot when I got home from work and it turned out really good. I had a little too much broth in there so next time I won’t add as much when I get everything set up in the morning.

These meals have turned out so good – and they are a huge time saver. It is also really nice to only have 1 pot to wash from supper instead of a ton!

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