We had our first snow Tuesday. It flurried in the afternoon but didn’t really stick to anything. I drove home carefully in the 4Runner but really didn’t have any issues. Tuesday was also Brad’s 32nd birthday. He was at school late for meetings and didn’t know what time he would be finished. If it was early enough we were going to go out for supper to celebrate his birthday. Around 6pm (when my stomach was seriously yelling at me) I heard a plow truck go through…. WHAT????

I checked out the window and this is what I saw:First snow 2016

Everything was covered! OK I know it is January but we just had temps in the 50’s and 60’s! I was shocked when I saw actual snow outside! I sent the photo to my mom and she said an hour away they only had flurries.

I messaged Brad to warn him what was happening outside and decided I better just eat supper. About an hour later he came home and of course needed to still eat supper. He decided to order from a local place and go pick it up. I decided I might as well go with him. We bundled up and went back out.first snow 2016

The road was frozen under all the snow since it flurried earlier in the day and was very cold. We slid around a few times in the truck when we were stopping. I didn’t hear the fire siren go off which I guess was a good sign. I don’t think anyone remembers how to handle snow since we have been lucky without it until now.

Ok – I’m over the snow and the cold now! I would be totally fine to go back to the 50 – 60 degree weather!

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