Last weekend I made my favorite dessert ever…. which is also my least favorite thing to make…. probably ever!

Oreo Truffles!

oreo truffles

I realized after eating ALL of them that I didn’t take any finished pictures! Oh well – they were too good to wait to eat!

I went to a Christmas party for the racing club my stepdad is the president of and I made these to bring along. He loves them probably as much as I do so it was the perfect thing to bring along.

Every year I have a terrible time making them. NO matter how hard I try I cannot seem to cover them in the chocolate and have them turn out looking good.

This year I decided to rely on some of my kitchen appliances that I acquired this year. I have a mini food processor that I never really use. I only thought to use this when I discovered I didn’t have any Ziplock bags to crush the oreos in. I usually do that by hand with my rolling pin (which takes awhile and doesn’t crush them very small). So I thought I would try the food processor and I was glad I did!

crushing oreosimage

I did a few at a time and it worked REALLY good! Note to self – use it next time. Another note to self – use mini food processor more often!

The next step is to mix cream cheese with the oreos. Again, I usually do this by hand. I got a Kitchenaid mixer this year (for free through work!!!) so I decided to get it out. That made mixing a lot easier too!

mixing truffles

I was able to get a better consistency with the cream cheese and then add in the oreo crumbles.

hard working appliances

My hard working appliances

At this point I was feeling pretty good about steps 1 and 2. I usually make 1 or 2 batchs of these desserts but this year I decided to try to make 3. One regular (oreos with milk chocolate), one regular with white chocolate (for my mom), and one peanut butter (peanut butter oreos with milk chocolate). I bought two packs of regular Oreos and 1 of peanut butter. I decided to see how step 3 went before mixing the rest of the balls. I’m glad I did because step 3 was still terrible!

Last year when I made these at Christmas Brad helped me dip the balls in the chocolate because I always struggle with it. I was telling my mom about my troubles last year and she gifted me a double boiler for Christmas to see if it helped. So I got that out this year hoping that it would do the trick. Brad was away hunting so I was on my own this year. I was pretty jazzed about the first two steps so I was feeling pretty positive going into step 3. I rolled my first batch of balls and stuck them in the freezer to harden up.

oreo balls

I fired up the double boiler and waited for the chocolate to melt. And I waited. And then I waited some more. It skipped the perfect consistency and went straight to being just like last year – too thick to easily roll the balls.


Side note – two years ago I was gifted a set of kitchen items and one of them was the teal handle cover above. Since all my other pans have grips on them I didn’t think I would ever use this and almost threw it away when I was cleaning out cabinets a few months ago. Glad I didn’t because the double boiler had metal handles! Came in very handy!

I was able to get to a somewhat smooth consistency and was able to cover the balls – but not make them look very nice.

melted chocolate

It really should have been thinner but it was the best I could do.

After this first batch I decided to only do one more batch. I decided I would mix up the regular oreos and the add peanut butter to half the mixture. I did the first half with white chocolate and then added the peanut butter. I just did not think I could do two more full batches with the chocolate. The white chocolate turned out the same as the milk chocolate regarding consistency. I had a glimmer of hope at first because it got really thin and perfect – and then quickly passed that stage.

white chocolate

Some of the white chocolate actually cooled in little spikes – so I made sure I gave those to my mom and didn’t put them in with the rest for the party. I didn’t want anyone injured over chocolate!

I was given the tip to add just a little olive oil to the melting chocolate to get a better consistency. I will try that next time! Also, I will make sure Brad is home just in case!

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