So was 2015 a good year or a bad year? How do you remember everything that happened and make a decision? There were a lot of good things that happened this year (trip to Cancun, new showroom at work, I finally found my 4Runner, started a blog) but there were a lot of bad things too…. I don’t think you can say whether a year was good or bad. It will always be a mix. I think you can dwell and reflect on the bad or you can remember the good. That is hard to do sometimes. I am going to try to do better with that next year. I don’t really make new years resolutions but I think it is important to have a direction¬†each year. That is my direction this year – I’m going to try a lot harder to not get caught up in the bad and to move on to the good! I want to be my real self, do things that make me happy, and be a good influence on other people. I also want to get this blog going with what I imagined it would be!

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