The weekend of January 23rd didn’t turn out exactly how I expected it to. Brad was going to be away at “Freeze Fest” so I was going to be home alone. I was supposed to visit my family on Saturday and then probably relax on Sunday. Well, around the middle of the week they started to say that we were going to get snow over the weekend. In my metropolis they were calling for 4-8″ of snow. At my mom’s house and further south they were calling for a little more. So mom and I cancelled our plans just in case and I got myself ready for a little snow. I went and got some ashes from Brad’s parents just in case it got icy. I also decided I needed to get both my cars in the garage so the driveway was clear. I moved a ton of stuff around in there until I could just squeeze both my cars in.

Since we weren’t supposed to get a lot of snow Brad and the rest of his friends decided to still go on their weekend away. He never really had time to give me a lesson on how to use the snowblower but I figured I wouldn’t use it anyway. I was able to get the snowblower behind my Rav4 in the garage so it was accessible. I figured Brad’s stepdad would come over if we got enough that it could be used.

I never expected to wake up to all of this on Saturday….

Snow 2016

Snow 2016snow 2016

At this point there was about 14″ of snow on the ground…Saturday morning around 9am.

Hmmmm I thought…. I guess I do need that snowblower! Easier said than done… I knew it worked because it was serviced earlier this year. There was some gas in it but apparently not a lot. I decided I could handle this. Brad’s stepdad wasn’t going to be coming over anytime soon and it wasn’t going to stop snowing anytime soon either. So I did what anyone would do, I googled how to start a snowblower! I watched a video that went over **almost** everything pretty well. I watched the video twice, checked our machine to see what the guy was talking about, and felt like I could handle this. I followed all his steps and gave the cord a good pull.

NOTHING happened!

Ok, I’ll try again. Followed all the steps, check check check, pull the chord.

NOTHING happened again!

I’m pretty sure I did this about 700 times and nothing happened. Meanwhile there was a guy driving up and down our road plowing in a pick up truck. I didn’t know the guy so I never really made any eye contact with him. It was pretty clear I was struggling over here but I guess he was waiting to see what happened. I decided I probably flooded the engine so I shoveled off the sidewalk and decided to wait a little while and try again. I messaged Brad’s stepbrother to let him know what was going on. He replied and asked if the fuel switch was on.

There is a fuel switch? This wasn’t mentioned in the video I watched…

Ok so I bundled back up and went out to see about a fuel switch. After a lot of hard work I was able to turn the switch on! Success! So now this thing should just start right up… Right? Wrong…. I yanked several more times and nothing was happening. I was feeling pretty frustrated at this point. Snow was literally piling up everywhere and I couldn’t get this stupid thing to start. Well guy in the pickup truck finally decided I might need some help and stopped at the end of the driveway. He asked if I wanted him to back plow the end of our driveway (which wouldn’t have really helped much) so I said all I really needed was someone bigger than me to give this cord a yank! He climbed out of the truck and said he never used on before but he would give it a try. After a few pulls it started!!!!

I was in business now!

So I got to snow blowing! I tried the reverse lever but it wouldn’t seem to go so I had to keep yanking it backwards every┬átime I need to change direction. I felt like I was going to die!

Snow 2016

snow 2016

There was still a good layer on snow left behind but it was a good start! I literally reached the end of the driveway and the snow blower died. Out of gas…. This was the other reason it was hard to start – not enough gas in there!

Now that I could get my car out of the driveway I ran to the gas station for some gas. I hadn’t driven the 4Runner in the snow yet so I took a little drive through town to test it out. It ran great – didn’t have any issues!

Once I got home I filled the tank of the snowblower and took a lunch break. I waited until mid afternoon and did a second pass on the driveway. It was totally covered again with probably 4-6″. Once I was done I noticed my neighbor shoveling in his yard. The pickup truck guy had plowed his driveway earlier so I wondered what he was up to. I took a walk down to find out he was trying to dig a path to his oil tank. They were going to need oil this week and needed to be able to get to the tank. I offered up my snowblower which he eagerly accepted! He was a little nervous because he had never used one before. No worries – I hadn’t either and I did just fine!

Let’s just say he was better at it than I was… reverse worked for him no problem! UGH….! While he was using the machine I sat inside and warmed up. I was able to witness our Township plow truck run over our stop sign…

snow 2016

He ended up in the ditch. When another truck came to pull him out his plow crashed into the sign! It is currently being supported by the yellow stake you see in the photo. Hopefully this spring they come and fix it! (I did get it on camera so they can’t say they didn’t do the damage!)

The next morning I got bundled up again to go out and get the driveway totally cleared off. The snow had finally stopped and I wanted to be done. Just as I was heading out Brad’s stepdad showed up to help me. I was a little relieved to get some help. My back was killing me from yanking the stupid machine backwards the day before. He ran the snowblower while I shoveled and cleared off a truck in our yard that belonged to a friend that was with Brad. Mike ran the snowblower around the truck so it was ready to go.

All in all I survived the snow. Where Brad spent the weekend they got about 1/2″ of snow. We ended up with 30″! It was not the weekend I expected but I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out the snowblower and keeping up with everything. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to rest on Sunday, Brad decided we needed to rake all the snow off the roof so we didn’t have any issues. At least I didn’t have to make supper that night – we went over to Brad’s parents house!



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