Cleaning Fairy

Apparently when you Google “Cleaning Fairy” a lot comes up! Since we all agree there should be a cleaning fairy why don’t they exist?

This morning I was really wishing I had a cleaning fairy. I really didn’t do much cleaning up at home this weekend – between working, a Christmas party, and last minute shopping with Brad’s mom – there wasn’t a lot of time left. There is somehow always time to make a mess though! I rushed after working Saturday to make Pineapple Filling for the Christmas party we attended Saturday afternoon. I think there are 75 dirty items in the sink just from that! Of course whenever I do have a lot of stuff that needs to go in the dishwasher it is ALWAYS full! Why does that happen? There can be nothing in the sink and then it is suddenly full and the dishwasher is also full.

There also ends up being laundry all over the house for some reason. I will admit I didn’t put the towels away after I folded them so they are piled on the coffee table right now. Brad somehow has two baskets full of clean laundry just hanging out in the living room. I think he thinks that is where they belong!

Since the rain is making me NOT want to go to the grocery store tonight will be about cleaning up around the house – since my cleaning fairy failed to show up last night!

Sigh… there is always tomorrow!

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