My boyfriend belongs to a hunting camp about 2 1/2 hours north/west of our house and every summer we book a few days at the camp to relax and hang out with friends. This year didn’t disappoint! The camp is located at the south end of the PA Grand Canyon or the Pine Creek Valley.

Pine Creek Valley

This photo was taken from one of the many lookout locations along the creek. You can see the river and the rails to trails which follows the river. We enjoy riding our bicycles on the trails every year. A few years ago we biked the trail and camped out along it for a long weekend. Beautiful!

Rails to Trails

This view is of the trail near the camp. We road down to the trail from camp (and down/up the huge hill on the lane) and spent some time checking things out.

Pine Creek

We carefully navigated down a steep hill to get the the Pine Creek. There were large rocks jutting out into the creek that you could ride on. I opted to take my shoes off and take some photos. I’m not an overly skilled rider and didn’t want to injure myself on the rocks!

Cammal PA

We also road through the very small town where the camp is located. Not much to see in town. The camp is located back a dirt lane along a small run that leads to the creek. We are probably about a half mile back the lane. It is very secluded, our camp neighbors were not home the weekend we were there so we had the whole place to ourselves!

Run Lex Run

My friend’s daughter and I decided to take a hike at the lookout. The trail was uphill to begin with and had many tree roots across it. I told her it was like walking up steps. On the way back down she kept picking up the pace. She did a little trip once but otherwise did great. I on the other hand was worried about her falling and wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going. I twisted my ankle but caught myself before totally falling. She had a blast so that is what counts!

it gets better

This was etched into the railing at one of the look outs we visited. It really meant a lot to me. This phrase is spray painted on a bridge on the way home from my mom’s house. Every time I pass it I take a second to read it and remember it. My brother entered rehab for the third time a few days before we left for our mini vacation. I think of him when I read this phrase. I hope it does get better for him. There is so much out there for him and I truly want him to understand that. It does get better.

camp 2016

This is the fire pit at camp along with Mill Run in the background. The fire ring was built 2 years ago by one of the camp members. It is large enough for everyone to enjoy! Mill Run is so relaxing. It is a great place to get away and enjoy time with friends and family. I always look forward to going upstate!


This terribly picture is of Ricky. He, along with his Grey Fox friends Randy and Randi, visited us across Mill Run almost every night. The kids had a great time seeing them each night. We usually see a bear but not this year. Maybe next time!

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