Well 2016 has been pretty cold so far and I am not a fan! We are in the single digits for wind chill. Seriously, who is interested in any of that? Not ME!

The heat also apparently didn’t work in my 4Runner that I purchased this summer, which I bought so I would have 4 wheel drive in the winter… I bought it in July so I of course checked the important stuff – Air conditioning, 4 wheel drive, breaks work, sun roof works, back window works – you know, the important stuff!


Me, the day I got the 4Runner (who is still without a name)

Well even when you buy a car in July, heat should be on the list of things to check. We noticed it didn’t really work that great in the fall but didn’t really notice until the temps have gotten crazy cold and you kind of really need heat in your car. I was pretty worried about what it was going to cost… could this be a small repair or a huge one? Well I got pretty lucky because it just needed flushed out and cleaned up, which cost less than $200. Crisis avoided!

Now that I can stay warm and drive in the snow I should be set! Since I haven’t been able to figure out a way to avoid actually going outside to get in and out of the car I will have to suffer through the cold, just not once I’m actually in my car!

They are calling for all kinds of winter weather this weekend – which really puts a wrench in my plans. I am hoping we don’t get any weather but I guess we will all find out!

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